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Title: Untitled (for the moment)
Genre: Action, Drama, Slash, Threesome, Wincest
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean/Cas, also featuring Crowley, Chuck, and Bobby
Type of beta you'd like:
-Consistency of character voice/personality with canon
-Consistency of canonical references
-Technical checks: consistency of tone, POV, grammar (even after all these years I still struggle with an overabundance of commas)
-Someone to reign me in when I get carried away (my prose leans toward purple sometimes)
-Someone willing to help me hash this whole thing out (sometimes I just need to talk about the story to get through the tricky spots)
-Need some help on the snark
Length: Definitely longfic, possibly novella-length by the time it's finished
Short Summary: Crowley has been on the run from Cas and the Winchesters. The boys catch up with Crowley, truss him up, and grill him. Back in their motel room they get a call from Chuck- he's at a rest stop but has no idea how he got there. While on the road Chuck's demeanor changes suddenly from his usual neurotic, unsure self to commanding BAMF and orders the boys to go to [need to find a location]. When they arrive they find Castiel routing some of Raphael's followers. Chuck steps between them and all fighting stops. God!Chuck orders them to return to Heaven and make peace. He then turns to Cas and gives him a choice: die and be banished to Purgatory for all eternity OR become human and earn redemption. Cas chooses humanity. God!Chuck strips Cas of his grace and his wings. Cas collapses, and Chuck disappears. After some debate the Winchesters take Cas and Chuck to Bobby's. [Eventually want to get Sam/Dean/Cas together. Need to figure out the dynamics of the relationships].

After the season finale I need to write and make things better. This my first time writing in the Supernatural fandom (and first fanfic I've written in years). This piece hasn't been written yet. I have a rough outline of major plot points, but I need some help working out the details. I've also posted this at my journal. Thanks so much!


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