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Genres I will beta:


(mostly, just ask if it's not listed or let me preview, if it feels right then~)

Genres I won't beta:


(by this I mean pedophilia. Absolutely, no.)

, None

(^like I said, really just ask/preview)

Pairings I will beta:

Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Dean/OC, Sam/OC, Sam/Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Meg

Pairings I won't beta:

Sam/Meg, Dean/Meg, Sam/John, Dean/John, John/Mary, Sam/Gabriel, Castiel/Crowley

Gen or Character studies I'll beta:

All, unless the character is so minor there is no way of knowing anything substantial about their character.

Gen or Character studies I won't beta:

None, unless the character is so minor there is no way of knowing anything substantial about their character.

Beta strengths:

grammar/spelling/plot (willing to give small suggestions and help if you are truly stumped)/canon/Dean-voice/Cas-voice/Sam-voice/AU/detail/believability/catching repetitiveness/punctuation/format/flow/vocabulary

Beta Weaknesses:

dialogue/ slow (I can be insanely busy in rl or tragically socially dead, there is no in between, haha. I am also in school, so that can take up a lot of my time; though, I will always let you know if I am starting a semester or not and what my current life schedule is like.)/ plot (I really don't like taking away from the others original ideas, goals, and development so I may hold back to see where you go)/ fluff (I enjoy it, but just cannot for the life of myself conjure it), romance (I am a hopeless romantic, but unless I find the relationship believable, I cannot bring myself to work with it. I also can't do sappy romance. If it feels OOC for them to say ¨I love you¨, hold hands, cuddle, etc. then I will never suggest it. Now...self sacrifice, small gestures, pure tragedy? Oh yeah, I gotcha.), smut (I don't mind helping, but so not my forte, haha)

Length of the fics I'll beta:

Drabble/Ficlet/Multi-chapter/Longfic, Any

Any other info:

I really am pretty open to anything, as long as it is convincing. If there is questionable content (drug use, rape, abuse, etc.), I don't mind as long as it is directly related to the plot and/or character development. I speak some French, so I may be able to provide simple sentences if that is something you have incorporated into your stories. I travel quite frequently, so I have picked up some knowledge about different cultures, landscapes, mannerisms, etc. I am also a little bit of a trivia buff! I always seem to have some useless garbage stowed away in my brain, but hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure, yes? I also will always give you my most absolute honest opinions and interpretations. If you don't care for my input, that's okay! I want to help, not push my own ideas onto you. If you like me and have any other fics for other fandoms you'd like me to look at, just ask :) IMPORTANT: if you send me smut, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR AGE! I do not want to exchange smut with a minor. Please, please, please be honest with me.

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Date: 2015-12-16 07:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi :) I'm looking for a beta for one chapter/a multi-chapter story. Gen, not finished yet, and I suppose you could call it AU. Let me know if you're interested - my contact is: olailga@gmail.com

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Date: 2015-12-16 07:41 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
aahhh, apologies. Olaiolga@gmail.com - should have spell-checked :)


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