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Name:Bringing betas and writers together in SPN
Location:(states/regions/territories), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place for writers and betas in the Supernatural fandom to find each other
This is a community created to bring together Supernatural fanfic/RPS writers and beta-readers.

The writer-beta relationship can be a wonderful thing, but it's unlikely you will find 'The One' with your first choice. But if/when you do find the beta of your dreams, treat them well, feed them often and don't forget to credit them each and every time you post. They will be your greatest fandom resource.


Betas who wish to advertise should make a post in the following format:

Genres you will beta:
Genres you won't beta: (Action/Humor/Drama/Crossover/Fluff/Kidfic/Slash/Wincest/Gen/Het/Threesome/Mpreg/Deathfic/PWP/Smut/BDSM/AU/RPS/None…)
Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): Sam/Dean, Sam/Meg, Dean/Meg, Sam/John, Dean/John, John/Mary, sam/OC, Dean/OC, John/OC, Dean/Cassie, etc or All
Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Sam/Dean, Sam/Meg, Dean/Meg, Sam/John, Sam/Jess, Dean/John, John/Mary, sam/OC, Dean/OC, John/OC, Dean/Cassie, etc or None
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: (John, Dean, Sam, Mary, Meg, Jess, all...)
Gen or Character studies you won't beta: (John, Dean, Sam, Mary, Meg, Jess, none...)
Beta strengths: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/Dean-voice, etc…)
Beta Weaknesses: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/Dean-voice, etc…)
Length of the fics you'd beta: (Drabble/Stand-Alone/Multi-chapter/Novel-length…)
Any other info: (squicks, whether available for fast and dirty beta, other fandoms, links to pieces you have beta'd (in any fandom)etc, once rebuilt a Chevy Impala, detailed knowledge of Stanford, etc)

Please use relevant tags where available.


All posts requesting a beta's help should be polite and provide as much information as possible:

(Action/Humor/Drama/Crossover/Fluff/Kidfic/Slash/Wincest/Gen/Het/Threesome/Moresome/Mpreg/Deathfic/PWP/Smut/BDSM/AU/RPS etc)
Pairings or Characters:
Type of beta you'd like:
(grammar/spelling/plot/canon/Dean-voice, etc…)
Length: (Drabble/Stand-alone/Multi-chapter/Novel-length… also include (estimated) number of words)
Short Summary:

If you’re not sure about something, or haven’t decided yet because it’s still a WIP, say so.

And remember, betas have as much choice in this as writers. Just because you think beta xxx looks perfect for you, that doesn't mean that they will think the same about you or your fic. Betas can and will say no, with or without providing a reason, so keep in mind that 'betas have real lives too'.

Please remember to check the beta's info to make sure they are compatible with you and your fic.

Please note that this is a beta-finding community, not a betaing community, so please do not post fic in the comm.

Thank you, and welcome!

Sister comm of [ profile] spn_betas@lj

If you have a Supernatural comm and would like to affiliate, please comment here.

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