Apr. 29th, 2014

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First time as a beta, thought I'd put this out there.

Genres I will beta:

Genres you won't beta: (Slash/Wincest/Threesome/Mpreg)

Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): Castiel/Meg, Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo, John/Mary, Sam/Jess, Sam/Meg, Dean/Meg, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, John/OFC, Dean/Cassie, Sam/Sarah, Sam/Madison, etc (as long as it's het or cannon, I'll do it. The first two are my OTPs, and the third is kind of a guilty pleasure)

Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel, John/Jo, Sam/John, Dean/John, Sam/OMC, Dean/OMC, John/OMC, Sam/Ellen, Dean/Ellen, etc (no slash or incest, and no rocking the cradle)

Gen or Character studies you'd beta: (All. Character studies are kind of a specialty of mine!)

Gen or Character studies you won't beta: (none...)

Beta strengths: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/a little voice/imaging/DETAIL)

Beta Weaknesses: (dialogue & jokes - I'll tell you if something's good or not, but it'll take me a bit to think something up that doesn't sound like I'm trying too hard)

Length of the fics you'd beta: (Drabble/Stand-Alone/Multi-chapter/Novel-length… doesn't matter, I'm here to help!)

Any other info: (other fandoms include Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson, amongst others; unavailable after 11:00 pm; will sift to the bare bones of your piece if necessary)


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